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Koball's Poured Walls Staff - 2017
Combined Staff Experience: 350+ Years

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 About Us 

Started by Randy Koball in 1977, Randy and his team quickly became known for their high standards of quality and KPW quickly rised to be a leader in concrete services for the Southern Minnesota region. Koball's Poured Walls has been an indispensable part of the development of greater Rochester, with thousands of homes sitting on KPW foundations and with KPW drive-ways, basements, etc. In addition, hundreds of commercial buildings rest on Koball's Poured Walls and are comprised of KPW Flatwork.

Koball's Poured Walls has also been involved in many high-profile developments over 40 years, including the construction of the Mayo Clinic Gonda building. 

Some KPW trivia:

  • KPW was the first to offer concrete pumping in Rochester, MN 
  • The average employee of KPW has been with the company for 25.6 years (Some nearly 40 years)
  • The collective concrete experience of the KPW team is over 350 years.
  • Owner Randy Koball began the business at only 22 years old, and now has some 44 years in the concrete industry
  • Owner Randy Koball still works full-time in the business, rarely taking a vacation. You will see him working alongside his beloved team or checking jobs to uphold the standard of quality that KPW has become known for.
  • KPW has maintained top-tier customer satisfaction ratings over 40 years with organizations such as BBB.
Rochester's Premier Concrete Contractor

Koball's Poured Walls Inc.
6555 Highway 14 E   PO Box 8480
Rochester , MN 55903

Phone: (507) 282-5122